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Pictures from Tokyo International Audio Show 2015

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Hi there,

This September TIAS was held at its usual place, Tokyo International Forum Building from the 25th to the 27th.

I took some pictures so i will share these with you but before that i want to say that this year i really liked the Esoteric room. Tannoy Kingdom Royal sounded great.

Accuphase room remains, though, my favorite this year too. These guys really know how to setup an audio system and i really liked their speaker selection. This year they had Tannoy Canterbury, Focal Maestro Utopia, TAD Compact Evolution One and Franco Serblin Accordo.

This year’s surprise was the Air Tight AL-05 Bonsai speakers. I could not believe the low frequency extension and the impact these small speakers had. People in the room were getting close to the speakers to see if the sound is coming from there. Amazing.

That’s about it, sorry if the pictures are not that great, I really have no idea how to use a camera.