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New Paper Cones For Ryu Field Coil Loudspeaker

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Hello, こんにちは


Work on Project Ryu continues with a new model. This one will be a mid-bass by design but as always i will try to push the limits in bandwidth and sensitivity. The new cones are a bit on the heavy side weighting 18 grams but i think it will balance out very well in the mass controlled region.


12 inch Cone for Ryu Field Coil Loudspeakers

12 inch Cone for Ryu Field Coil Loudspeakers

The 12 inch cone has a curved profile and concentric rings to reduce breakup effects.

12 inch Cone for Ryu Field Coil Loudspeakers


12 inch Cone for Ryu Field Coil Loudspeakers


Voice coil was designed using my Excel spreadsheet tool. You can find a link to download it at the end of the article. Double coil, each with estimated 8 ohm impedance allowing for 4-8-16 ohm operation.


12 inch Cone for Ryu Field Coil Loudspeakers プロジェクト龍のフィールドコイルスピーカーのための12インチのコーン


voice coil design tool


You can download the spreadsheet here:

Voice Coil

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Using Software SPI with TFT Touchscreen

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In the previous article i wrote how you could implement a software SPI communication. These days i tried this solution with a TFT touchscreen using TSC2046 driver. This will also work for ADS7843 driver.

Basically you will need to call the Get_Value_SSPI function described in the previous article. As argument if we look in datasheet of TSC2046 or ADS7843 we see we need 0xD0 for x values and 0x90 for y values.


UINT16 TS_X, TS_y;

int x,y;

TS_X = Get_Value_SSPI(0xD0);

TS_Y = Get_Value_SSPI(0x90);

/* TS_X, TS_Y hold the ADC values from the touchscreen driver we need to convert them to coordinates. I cut last two digits as i dont need high precision and then scaled the values to correspond to a 800×480 TFT */



I recorded a video of how it works, hope you enjoy it:

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